Project Support


Pacific Tug is a specialist marine operator and has the experience to support the construction industry for all projects including crew transportation, barge supply, equipment transportation, wharf maintenance and refurbishment of maritime structures throughout Australia.

Crew Transfer Vessels:

Our purpose built vessels are operated by highly experienced and fully qualified crews, whose trusted expertise is based on decades of experience working at sea. We are capable of transporting personnel and supplies to and from offshore sites efficiently and safely. Our vessels are designed for maximum safety, efficiency and comfort, and our highly trained crews are backed up by an experienced and professional support and management team.


We take the time to understand your needs and requirements and offer unique, innovative and robust solutions to support your project from conception to completion. Our team is experienced in supporting marine construction, dredging, maritime logistics, environmental monitoring and  facility maintenance in remote locations. We can assist with the full spectrum of maritime and coastal infrastructure developments, upgrades or refurbishments. We take a collaborative approach to assist you with all your marine requirements.

Tow Survey:

A warranty survey is the most common form of tow approval. Warranty surveys arise from the desire of underwriters to limit their exposure to risk. Faced with insuring a tow project, the underwriter may feel more comfortable if they know that a competent surveyor has physically inspected the tug and tow and approved the arrangements. Prior to conducting a tow, Pacific Tug will request our clients to engage an independent warranty surveyor to sign off on all towing aspects including suitability of the tug, the connection, the route, and the tow itself. Our demonstrated history in towage, use of dedicated forecasts and utilising satellite tracking technology on the tow may lead to lower insurance premiums for our clients.


We provide a wide range of crewing solutions for vessels, big and small, from across the industry. Our seafarers meet the very highest technical and operational standards. Where essential our personnel are fully compliant with STCW ‘95 requirements and always have the necessary experience relevant to the type of tonnage to which they are appointed. Our in-house recruitment process is dedicated to providing crews with maximum expertise and self-sustainable capability.

Vessel Management:

We have extensive experience in providing a cost effective approach to provide solutions for vessel management working within an agreed budget. We offer a tailor-made technical management service designed to suit your specific requirements which may include full vessel operational management incorporating crewing, purchasing, insurance, surveys and accident investigation. In addition to this our Technical Superintendents can also oversee vessel repairs, dockings and Flag State and Class liaison.Our Technical and Operational Management Team are shore based and geared to work closely with our clients, supported by a detailed Planned Maintenance System.

Navigation Aids:

Pacific Tug provides support to undertake the installation, inspection and maintenance of navigation aids to facilitate the repair of navigational lights, single pile structures, multi-pile structures, spar buoys, marine buoys and navigational structures. The scope of work includes structural repairs, inspection, buoy recovery and the replacement of mooring systems.


Pacific Tug has vessels specifically designed to support offshore environmental monitoring systems.  Our services are complemented by our alliances with internationally accredited laboratories that provide services relevant to water and sediment quality surveys in line with national and state government environmental quality guidelines, standards and trigger values. We are experienced to assist your needs in environmental monitoring of waves, winds, water levels, currents, water temperature and water quality either on a project basis or through to fully-integrated, real-time, data acquisition, analysis, distribution and display systems.